Gallery 2018

A look at some of the things that happen at the Tower, both in front and behind the scenes.

Its a gas!

We now have heating in the cafe / meeting room.  A hole was dug, and the tank installed.

The hole is now filled in, and the boiler has been installed and is now working. 

Opening Day 2018

First Day Of The 2018 Season

It was a typical Easter Bank Holiday (in other words, raining...), but it was great to see so many people on the first day open.

The Tower has had a spring clean, with many new displays.

The team were ready to meet the public.

Our Green Goddess made her first public tower appearance.

The tearoom was ready to open. Wendy was working hard to make everything ready!

The nissen huts have plenty of interesting things for you to see.

13th May 2018

Iceni MG Rally

The tower welcomed the Iceni MG club, as it started off it's annual Boadicea run,  as several classic MGs (and a few others!) started on their journey through the Suffolk countryside.  There was also tea, coffee and bacon sandwiches!

Echoes Of The Past 2018

05 / 08 / 2018

It was our annual Echoes Of The Past Event, and once again the weather was just perfect.

Even before the gates were opened,  preparations were being made to make the tower neat and tidy.

Sandwiches were being made, cakes were being sliced, and there was plenty of tea and coffee to go around.

There were plenty of stall's, as well as exhibitions.

At 1100, the event held a small service, in honour of all the airmen stationed here.  It was conducted by the Royal British Legion, and attended by the Deputy Mayor, and his wife.

Tributes were laid in memory of those brave airmen, who were stationed here.

There was even a drone flying overhead to take some aerial photo's.  Many thanks to Bryan Panton for giving us permission to use these great shots.

Echoes Of The Past, 2018.  Used with permission from Bryan Panton.

Echoes Of The Past, 2018.  Used with permission from Bryan Panton.  

 Echoes Of The Past, 2018.  Used with permission from Bryan Panton. 

One of the show highlights, was a Rolls Royce Merlin engine, bought to life in all it's glory.

There were plenty of vintage vehicles on display.

Many guest's also were wearing period dress.

It was another great event, and plans are being made, to make next years even better.