Gallery 2019

A look at some of the things that happen at the Tower, both in front and behind the scenes in 2019.


Wreath Laying Ceremony, 23rd March, 2019


  Photo's of the wreath laying ceremony on behalf of Joanne Kledaras, niece of Joe Carbonella and his crew mates.  


  The pupils and teachers of the Sybil Andrews Academy who took part in today's ceremony.   



Friday 1-3-19

A group of 14 serving personnel from RAF Mildenhall, including 2 LT/COLS, a couple of Majors, and pilots from both KC135 a/c and Ospreys, utilized our site for the morning.


Whilst on the tour of the control tower, we were invited to attend an impromptu meeting with the group!  It was an honour being requested to stay, and interesting to say the least! This group photo, in all the years of the memorials existence, within its curtelege is the first! 

The remarks in the visitor’s book makes it all worthwhile; “Thanks for preserving our history”, “A lovely day, thank you”, “Awesome experience, “Fantastic, thank you”.

Tower Meeting March 2019


  It is not very often you can say you have met a real life hero, but 

Len Manning is one.  He was telling us how he bailed out of a Lancaster Bomber over France in WWII, and what happened while on the run from the Germans.  And then he told us about the day he met the pilot who shot him down!  What an amazing guy.  

Here he is with Tower Chairman, Graham Sage.  


 Here is Len, in his RAF Uniform, during World War II. 


Newspaper clipping, telling Len's Story.

Tower Opening Day 2019


The Tower was open to the public, for the first time in 2019, on the 21st of April.


The tea room was ready for it's first visitors.


The Tower looks fantastic in the morning sun.


There are plenty of new displays for the new season.


A lot of the rooms have also had a make over.


There is plenty to see,  and lots of Tower history to read about.


 The Tower Control area has been returned to it's original look. 


 There is a fantastic view from the top of the Tower. 


 We were also visited by a local bike club, during the morning. 


Echoes Of The Past 2019

It was that time again, when we turned back to the clock to the 1940's. Once again stalls and re-enactments came along to make the day one to remember.


The were a couple of 1940's cars on display.


The radio guys were contacting all four corners of the globe.


There were plenty of stalls, in fact, something for everyone.


The tower chairman laid a weath to honor all those who served at RAF Bury St Edmunds.


Roy was out promoting the tower, and selling gifts.


The tea room was well stocked for the e day.

Fly In Weekend


  Many thanks to all who helped over the Fly-in week-end, very hard work but also very profitable to the Museum, Wendy Sage, Ciaran Sage, Rhiannan Sage, Paul Groves, Chris Day and Mike, we had four of us helping on Saturday and 6 on Sunday with Richard Phillips helping when he could. 


 Thanks also to the North Weald Marshalls for allowing us to supply the BBQ and thereby use the income for the upkeep of the Museum, see you again next year lads 


 150 light aircraft flew in, many were vintage and it was great to hear the sound of so many engines, but only a fraction of what could be heard in the airfields heyday in the 1940's with the 94th Bomb Group. 


November Tower Meeting


Monty Python used to say "and now for something completely different", and that was the case at the November Tower meeting.

Paul Groves came along , with some of his WWII gun collection.


There was certainly a lot of hardware on display, from hand guns to machine guns.


Paul even explained how easy it was to strip down and clean a gun!  An great night, full of interesting facts.