Paranormal Rougham


With it's rich war time history, it is no wonder that the airfield is said to be home of several ghost's.  Although we can't verify any of the information various groups have reported, it still makes interesting reading...


In the Control Room at the very top of the tower, there have been reports of a smell of oil, and a smell of what appears to be very strong perfume.  People have also reported what sounds like a prop aircraft flying overhead.


In the two nissen hunts (which come from Shepheards Grove), there have been reports of a young spirit boy, who was said to own one of the bikes that are on display.  

The name Sylvia (or Sylvie) has been picked up on a number of occasions by different groups.  


The main tower has had a lot of activity reported.  In the first room on the left as you enter the tower, several people have reported feeling very uneasy in here.  Reports of strange lights, people seeing what appears to be feet, and someone left the room after being left alone for only 30 seconds! 


As you move upstairs, in the large room at the far end, a strong smell of tobacco has been reported by a number of people, and several paranormal groups have reported the name William. 


In the main room, at the rear of the ground floor, two people were amazed to see a figure of a man walk across the room.  They both described him of being about 5' 10", dark slicked back hair, and of stocky build.  He also appeared to be smartly dressed in a shirt and tie. 

All photographs on this page have been 

used with kind the permission of Paul Butler.

Two paranormal investigators caught what appears to be a figure walking across one of the smaller rooms on the first floor.  Both claim that they saw nothing while they were there, it was only when they reviewed the footage taken on their mobile phone, that they 

found the video below.

 This clip is used with the kind permission of Lyn Cox.